The True Meaning of Spirituality

The title of this article “The True Meaning of Spirituality” implies that there is a not so true or false meaning of spirituality. There is indeed a false meaning of spirituality and we get rid of this first so that we can focus on the true meaning of spirituality.

Spirituality is not spiritism, although both words contain the word “spirit”. Spiritism is a system of beliefs based on the works of Hypolite Leon Denizard Rivail who used the name Allan Kardec. These works reported seances he pointed as originating from incorporeal intelligence or spirits. In spirituality we are not dealing with seances or communication with spirits.

Spirituality is not spiritualism. Spiritualism is the system of beliefs and opinions about the dead communicating with the living through mediums. Spirituality is about the living more than about the dead. Spirituality is not the practice of communicating with the dead.

Spirituality is not supernaturalism which is the system of belief in beings superior to human beings such as God and angels. In spirituality we are dealing more with human beings rather than with beings above them. Spirituality can be compatible with atheism, the belief that there is no God.

Spirituality is not at all related to witchcraft although this practice involves the use of spiritual powers, purposely to harm others for one’s own benefit.

Spirituality has nothing to do with Satanism, although Satan is a spirit. The task of spirituality is not to propagate or combat Satanism. It does not deny his existence, but it does not deal principally with how to deal with his works.

Spirituality is not related to the art or practice of exorcism, the expulsion of Satan or his demons from a person.

Nor is spirituality related even remotely to magic or sorcery, the practice of manipulating the consciousness to obtain a desired objective.

Spirituality is not engaging in the practice of psychic phenomena, such as Extra Sensory Powers or ESP, telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, channeling, ouija boards and other means.

Those are the false meanings of spirituality. They all deal with spiritual matters but not in the way we know what real spirituality is.

The true meaning of spirituality is that it is way of life that gives proper value to the spiritual dimension of our existence and creation.

This means that we acknowledge the primary of the spiritual in our life, its essentiality, and its finality, and act accordingly.

We acknowledge the primacy of the spiritual in our life. This means that we are certain that we came from a spiritual source, one that is not perceivable by our senses. This spiritual source has real connection with us even now and is really in charge of our life. We cannot get out of this connection with our spiritual source. If we are believers in God, we call this God. If we are atheists but live a life of spirituality, we may call this source Ultimate Energy.

Secondly, we acknowledge the essentiality of the spiritual in our life. This means that what is most important in our life is not material things or money, fame or position of authority, but the possession of spiritual qualities which make us more human. For us to be human is to be spiritual. Spirituality is an essential component of our humanity. Without spirituality we are no longer human beings. It is that essential.

Thirdly, we acknowledge the finality of the spiritual. Our goal in life is a spiritual goal, not the accumulation of riches or material rewards such as lands and buildings. The goal of our life is union with the Ultimate Spirit. In this our real and genuine happiness consists.

Not only do we acknowledge these three fundamental truths of spirituality. We act accordingly. In acting accordingly we do not have a problem because the spirit in us makes us, as it were, flow with his waves and gently pushes us to act accordingly.

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