The True Meaning of Spirituality

March 19, 2018

The title of this article “The True Meaning of Spirituality” implies that there is a not so true or false meaning of spirituality. There is indeed a false meaning of spirituality and we get rid of this first so that we can focus on the true meaning of spirituality. Spirituality is not spiritism, although both […]

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Leading a Spiritual Life

February 3, 2018

In an age of spiritual awakening such as we are going through, there are more and more people who are spiritually awakened and they would like to lead a spiritual life. Somehow they are dissatisfied with their present state of life in religion and want something more relevant in their lives. There is a sense […]

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Secrets to Performing Amazing Mind Reading Tricks

January 1, 2018

I’ve listed the 5 little known secrets behind performing incredible mind reading tricks. 1) You only need to know a maximum of 5 GOOD tricks – The common mistake for a beginner in mind reading and mentalism magic is to think they need to learn hundreds of tricks to impress their friends. The professionals know […]

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