Is Mind Reading and Telepathy Possible? A Scientific Approach to the Paranormal

New scientific evidence supports that mind reading and telepathy are plausible “powers”.

A research panel led by Dr. Trisha Stratford discovered a very interesting fact:

Some couples, close friends and even twins have their brains working on the same wavelenght.

This means that stuff as farfetched as telepathy and mind-reading can in fact be more than simple fiction.

It is no secret that some people claim to feel others read their mind at times, like when you think of something and a twin, close friend, relative or lover thinks of it as well, and this new fact may be the answer – the fact that you may actually be thinking in sync with each other.

More research is needed to try to find out if this is at all possible, but Dr. Stratford has already proved people with a close bond can put their brains working in sync.

Watch the video and tell us what you make of it.

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