Mind Reading

How to Read Someone’s Mind

August 18, 2018

Can you read my mind? Reading one’s mind probably ranks among the highest in people’s list of powers that they would like to have, along with being invisible perhaps. Thus, many would like to know how to read someone’s mind. Having the power to read people’s mind is not an impossible dream or flight of […]

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Best Possible Tips for Mind Reading

June 6, 2018

People cannot read other people’s minds. However, people want to read other people’s mind. When you are dating someone, you want to read your lover’s mind. Does he or she love you? Will he or she marry you? When you work in sales in a company, you want to know if your customer will place […]

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Secrets to Performing Amazing Mind Reading Tricks

January 1, 2018

I’ve listed the 5 little known secrets behind performing incredible mind reading tricks. 1) You only need to know a maximum of 5 GOOD tricks – The common mistake for a beginner in mind reading and mentalism magic is to think they need to learn hundreds of tricks to impress their friends. The professionals know […]

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