Best Possible Tips for Mind Reading

People cannot read other people’s minds. However, people want to read other people’s mind. When you are dating someone, you want to read your lover’s mind. Does he or she love you? Will he or she marry you? When you work in sales in a company, you want to know if your customer will place an order. You would like to know if your boss will give you a raise or promotion next month. Nobody can read mind of another person like the above examples. However, people can analyze the situation and guess what other people are thinking. This kind of analysis and imagination is needed sometimes in life or business.

If one were doing business with a customer for a long time, he would know the pattern of new orders from the customer. He can predict when this customer will place his next order. When you are working in an office, and you want to know whether you will be promoted, you would take a look at people who got promoted recently, among those who joined your company around the same time as you. You can take a reasonable guess by doing this analysis.

Oddly enough, when one hopes to use logical research when reading somebody else mind, there is an obstacle in the way. It is our emotions. Unfortunately, we need to read someone else mind when we happen to be fearful, resentful, or upset. In trouble in business, you need to know what the complaining customer really wants. However, you are not able to use logic to analyze the customer’s reason for the complaint, desires, and intentions, simply because you are already upset about the complaint. Sometimes, you will be resentful of a customer who made a complaint. Further, if you are fearful of what this customer would do next, your brain locks and your eyes fog to conduct logical analysis.

The minimum requirements to analyze other people’s mind are to stay calm. Do not be afraid, fearful, or resentful. Your fear would drive your thinking to the situation which you feel fearful. If you were upset, you would be confused on the logic you are constructing. Your anger would also bring you worse result of negotiation, because it made you think about the claiming party apologizing and drop their claim. In calm brain, you know it would never happen, right?

There are some things which you want to do for better solution:

1. Be aware that you are emotional. Do not worry nobody can control his emotion in troubled situation.

2. Try to stay calm. Try to stay calm as much as possible. Do not forget you do not have to be perfectly calm. Do not over-react. It does not help.

3. Get a third-party opinion. You can get a non-conflict interest third-party opinion. Such third-party does not have to be a lawyer. He can be your best friend.

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